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3700x overclock

Ryzen 7 X is one of the best processors released by AMD in With its eight cores and sixteen threads, running at a base clock of 3. It is a high performance processor, both in gaming machines, as well as in multi-threaded situations, like video editing.

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However, we could not refrain from asking ourselves: if we were to overclock the AMD Ryzen X, would it become even more powerful? See what you gain and what you lose, when overclocking this processor, in this article:.

The Ryzen 7 X has eight physical cores, 16 threads, running at MHz, and going up to 4. This CPU is built on a manufacturing process of just 7 nanometers, and it is not just fast, but also energy-efficient, coming with a low TDP of only 65 Watts. Overclocking a processor is a rather complex task. The results you experience depend on the computer that you have.

However, the most important elements for overclocking are a good motherboard and excellent cooling. That's why, before we show you the maximum frequency at which our AMD Ryzen 7 X processor remained stable, we would like to share the hardware configuration that we used for this purpose:. After hours of testing and trying but failing, we managed to overclock the AMD Ryzen 7 X to a speed of 4. Any more than that, and the system would crash and become unusable. You should also take note of the fact that we did an all-core overclock, which means that all the cores on the AMD Ryzen 7 X were running at 4.

To see whether the processor performance is better or worse, we ran the same benchmarks twice, once when running at stock speed and once when the CPU was overclocked. All the benchmarks were run on Windows 10 Pro, versionbuild That's because the 4. In Cinebench R20, the Ryzen 7 X overclocked at 4. In Blender, the overclocked Ryzen 7 X was also faster, by approximately one minute.

Compared to when running at factory clocks, this is an improvement of 6. PCMark 10 tells us how capable a processor is in daily computing tasks such as web browsing, video conferencing, apps start-up times, productivity, and digital content creation.

In 7-Zip's benchmark, the overclocked Ryzen 7 X was as fast the non-overclocked version while testing the file compression speed. We also saw the same performance in 7-Zip's decompression test: both the overclocked and stock Ryzen 7 X had the same result. We also ran JetStream 2 in Google Chrome to check the processor's speed when browsing the web. Again, we got the same score, regardless of whether we used the AMD Ryzen 7 X at stock clock speeds or overclocked.

If you want to overclock your processor, there's a high chance that you are a gamer who wants to squeeze the maximum performance possible when playing. That's why we also ran a few games. We used p resolution and the lowest graphic details available for each of them, so that the video card did not slow down the processor.

In Metro Exodus, we saw no difference between the stock version and the overclocked version of AMD Ryzen 7 X, as both managed to reach 91 frames per second.What is curious about the new chip is just how closely it follows its power limitations.

When having a closer look at the new Ryzen 9 X, first we have to enjoy the sheer amount of cores of this processor! Another thing to note in the results between the X results and the X, is that un-core power on the latter is quite higher.

Comparing the full load power characteristics of both SKUs, they end up extremely competitive in both their respective categories. While posting substantial performance improvements of the core Threadripper counterparts, the X still manages to be significantly less thermally constrained thanks to its much lower power consumption, peaking in at W. Turning on PBO will increase the single-threaded performance of the X by a few percent, scoring just slightly higher than the stock settings.

Naturally the 4. Finally, a Cinebench R15 MT run shows similar multi-threaded behaviour, with the 4. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment.

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The AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen Deep Dive Review: 3700X and 3900X Raising The Bar

Sign up now Username Password Remember Me. Lost your password?Regarding the overclocking we were a little disappointed with the third AMD Ryzen generation. Despite the built-in water cooling we could only overclock the X to 4. For this we had to raise the VCore to 1. Since even 4. The power consumption increased accordingly, of course.

While we could measure a power consumption of 70 watts in idle and watts under load for the entire system ex works, the power consumption under load was watts in an overclocked state. On standard clock, the VCore was approx. Also the temperatures went into the red range during the overclocking. So you can definitely say that the third generation Ryzen heats a bit more than the first generation and that despite partly lower TDP. This suggests small but strong hotspots, another drawback will be that pretty much all coolers are designed so that the warmest point of the CPU is in the middle of the heatspreader.

Unfortunately this is not the case with the new Ryzen! It remains to be seen whether the industry will supply the appropriate coolers. But in the multicore test we were able to break the points sound barrier. A similar result can also be seen with CPU-Z …. In the Firestrike there were also only marginally more points in the CPU part. Also with Timespy the overclocking is not really noticeable. We can also observe a marginal increase in performance in the PCMark.

Since superposition is still limited to graphics cards, we also get our points here again. During the benchmarks we used the AMD Ryzen Master Tool to observe the behavior of the cores and could see how the processor clocks. In most cases we could see an allcoreboost of On a single core, the specified 4.

We suspect that this is due to the heat generation.

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It was also very nice to observe that the cores switched off immediately without load and were then reactivated with different clock rates depending on the load.

Now it is time to evaluate the benchmarks with a 1 to 1 comparison to the X. As described on the previous page, the X can now hold its own against the X.

As you can see very well, the X is fixed at 4GHz and slower than with standard clock. The same situation can also be seen with CPU-Z. Also at Firestrike…. Finally we look at PCMark and Superposition. Since Superposition is graphic-climated in the Extreme setting, no increase is measurable. It looks different with PCMark, because even there the X performs clearly better.

The technical data 3. Layout, design and features 4.

3700x vs 3800x

Installation and test setup 5. Overclocking, power consumption, temperature and benchmark 6.We observed our Ryzen 7 X hit it's 4. This tracks well with with the boost clock behavior we've seen with the Ryzen 9 X and Ryzen 7 X. We're currently waiting for improved BIOS revisions and will update as necessary. We initially dialed in a 4. We were pushing the limits of our Corsair Hi cooler, often running right at the maximum 95C specification of the processor, so we dialed our overclock back to 4.

Reaching 4.

3700x overclock

We recorded average temperatures of 80C, Our maximum peak temperature of 91C came during our y-cruncher test, but it registered for roughly one second. Overall, temperatures during our test tracked well with the average measurements. The new AMD-optimized Windows scheduler is only present in Windows 10 and promises to expose gains in several types of applications.

As such, we updated our test image to the latest version of Windows 10 available All of our test results come from the aforementioned operating system and include all publicly available security mitigations and the latest motherboard firmware revisions. AMD has added hardware-based mitigations for both variants of Spectre, which should reduce the performance impact, but the requisite patches for both companies have performance penalties, which are reflected here in our testing.

These features are largely referred to as MCE, but the functionality remains the same: These settings essentially apply an all-core overclock to the processor that is defined by the maximum Turbo Boost bin supported by the processor. This setting modifies the CPU's clock rate and voltage to deliver higher performance, which is basically factory-sanctioned overclocking. Performance, power consumption, and heat are all affected, naturally.

We manually disable this feature for our stock CPU testing to best reflect Intel's specifications. That lets you add two more M. You also get four PCIe 4. Home Reviews. Manual Overclocking We initially dialed in a 4. Security Mitigations The new AMD-optimized Windows scheduler is only present in Windows 10 and promises to expose gains in several types of applications.

Comparison Products Intel Core iK. Intel Core iK. AMD Ryzen 7 X. See all comments In light of the X, the X doesn't seem to have much reason to exist to be honest.

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Given you can get just about the same performance by OCing a X and the X doesn't OC really at allI don't really see why AMD even released this chip - especially considering how much more they are asking for it. The value just isn't there. What command rate are you running your memory kits at? Also, is the memory write speed nerfed like it is on the X? Is binning really making that large of a difference? I was waiting for a decent review.

Does the x have the same memory write limitation as the x 32b vs 16b?? Makaveli said:.

The AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen Deep Dive Review: 3700X and 3900X Raising The Bar

I just did a x Asrock x itx build. I imagine that I will need to use the wifi on it at some point in it's life, that's why I went with the x Intel version over the b Intel Precision Boost 2 and Precision Boost Overdrive are some of the more well-known ones.

There has been a lot of confusion regarding these two boosting algorithms: What they do and how they do it. For a simple theoretical explanation, read this post:. On paper, Precision Boost Overdrive should be slightly faster than stock and AutoOC should be the fastest out of the three.

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The single-core performance is fastest at stock settings while the PBO and AutoOC scores are identical, both being a tad bit lower than the former. At stock, the Ryzen 7 X scores 4, On enabling PBO, it drops ever so slightly to 4, Finally, in AutoOC mode, we see a small performance bump with a score of 4, points. In the single-core test, there is no legible difference between the clock scaling at stock and PBO modes. In the former, core 7 and core 4 are the fastest while in the latter core 4 is swapped for core 6.

Core 7 spends more time near 4. While the average frequency of the eight cores is higher throughout the benchmark in the latter, there are also a few spikes to 4. AutoOC further pushes the average core frequency up by a notch. Furthermore, the clocks are more consistent now.

Towards the end, all the cores get to 4,MHz and maintain it through the remaining part of the test. The temperatures follow the power chart. For the Ryzen 9, the Cinebench scores are more or less identical. Strangely, the X performs the best at the stock setting. The multi-core test again shows similar results. However, here the stock setting offers the best performance, followed by PBO and AutoOC seems to run into a hard power or temperature bottleneck.

Strangely, the power-draw and thermals are both highest at stock and lowest when switching to AutoOC mode. Precision Boost Overdrive shows the same results as stock conditions. I suspect the thermal and power ceiling is lowered in case of the Ryzen 9 if you switch to AutoOC.

3700x overclock

Interestingly, AutoOC although improves performance in case of the former, but degrades it in case of the X.

I suspect the PBO will have a more pronounced impact when using a water or nitrogen-based cooler, especially for the X. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.The latest series of Ryzen CPUs has been out for six weeks and yet only about a week ago were we able to get our hands on the Ryzen 7 X for the first time.

The delay had us receiving numerous comments asking us to review it and comparing it to the X, X andall of which we've reviewed by now. Apparently it's all about binning and yields that may not be as good as AMD hoped, or maybe demand has also played a role.

Silicon Lottery recently released some Ryzen binning data and this suggests the better quality silicon has been reserved for the X. Also, all X processors passed the test at 4. For more casual overclockers like us the difference will likely be even smaller.

This is the same frequency limit for the retail X we got. Needless to say they all deliver a similar gaming experience in this title. However that frequency boost will come with an increase in voltage and this is likely why the X was a little more power hungry than you might have expected. As a result of that increased power consumption the X runs around 3 degrees hotter with the box cooler and 4 degrees hotter with the Corsair Hi Pro. Power consumption sees the X suck down quite a bit more power than the X, at least relative to the extra performance it offers.

As it turns out, not a lot. During heavy workloads the X clocks between - MHz higher, which amounts to a 2. The X which is clocked MHz higher for the base, may not be able to maintain 3. The confusion creeps in when AMD skips their 95 watt rating for watts with the X. We accept that the X might not be able to sustain 3. If an OEM puts a 65w cooler on a 95w part and some buyer says "I'm not hitting 3.

Buying advise in short: we highly recommend avoiding the X and instead grab the X. If you find it necessary, upgrade the box cooler with the money saved. The Ryzen 5 remains king of value bar none, and the X offers more cores for productivity, gaming may not benefit as we observed in our GPU scaling benchmark. If you enjoy our content, please consider subscribing User Comments: 25 Got something to say?

3700x overclock

Post a comment. Add your comment to this article You need to be a member to leave a comment. Join thousands of tech enthusiasts and participate. TechSpot Account Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. Already have an account?Discussion in ' CPUs ' started by fizzyJul 29, Log in or Sign up. Overclockers UK Forums. This site uses cookies.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Show only OP. Jul 29, at PM 1. Hi, I'm probably missing the obvious here - but is the only different between an amd x and x retail kit a 0. Was originally thinking of going for a x, but with availability low to none, and prices going up looking at an 8 core instead. Jul 29, at PM 2. As far as initial testing yes. I almost pulled the trigger on the x but in the end went x.

Jul 29, at PM 3. I couldn't see enough of a difference between them to warrant the extra money. Jul 29, at PM 4. Jul 29, at PM 5. Lolik Gangster Joined: Mar 8, Posts: I am actually regretting going for x cause now pbo does better, than allcore oc - went for a cheaper one hoping to get lucky and have allcore 4.

While tested with division 2 benchpbo was getting 0. Jul 29, at PM 6. Jul 29, at PM 7. Thanks all - just watched that vid too. My intel k is running 4. The motherboard choices are the next biggie. Jul 29, at PM 8. I think a x will be a substantial upgrade. I'm impressed with mine so far. Jul 29, at PM 9. The X is definetly the way to go. Jul 29, at PM Jul 30, at AM

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