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Windshield wiper mechanism design

The Evolution of Wind Shield Wipers – A Patent History

It takes a lot of force to accelerate the wiper blades back and forth across the windshield so quickly. In order to generate this type of force, a worm gear is used on the output of a small electric motor. The worm gear reduction can multiply the torque of the motor by about 50 times, while slowing the output speed of the electric motor by 50 times as well. The output of the gear reduction operates a linkage that moves the wipers back and forth.

The circuit maintains power to the wipers until they are parked at the bottom of the windshield, then cuts the power to the motor.

This circuit also parks the wipers between wipes when they are on their intermittent setting. A short cam is attached to the output shaft of the gear reduction. This cam spins around as the wiper motor turns. The cam is connected to a long rod; as the cam spins, it moves the rod back and forth.

The long rod is connected to a short rod that actuates the wiper blade on the driver's side. Another long rod transmits the force from the driver-side to the passenger-side wiper blade.

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windshield wiper mechanism design

Inside the Wipers. The wipers combine two mechanical technologies to perform their task: A combination electric motor and worm gear reduction provides power to the wipers. A neat linkage converts the rotational output of the motor into the back-and-forth motion of the wipers. This content is not compatible on this device.Have you ever wondered what kind of mechanism causes the wind shield wiper on the front widow of car to oscillate Figure a?

The mechanism, shown in Figure btransforms the rotary motion of the motor into an oscillating motion of the windshield wiper. Figure Windshield wiper Let's make a simple mechanism with similar behavior. Take some cardboard and make four strips as shown in Figure a. Take 4 pins and assemble them as shown in Figure b. Now, hold the 6in. You will see that the 4in. Figure Do-it-yourself four bar linkage mechanism The four bar linkage is the simplest and often times, the most useful mechanism.

As we mentioned before, a mechanism composed of rigid bodies and lower pairs is called a linkage Hunt In planar mechanisms, there are only two kinds of lower pairs revolute pairs and prismatic pairs. The simplest closed-loop linkage is the four bar linkage which has four members, three moving links, one fixed link and four pin joints. A linkage that has at least one fixed link is a mechanism.

Two of the links are pinned to the frame which is not shown in this picture. In SimDesign, links can be nailed to the background thereby making them into the frame. How many DOF does this mechanism have? If we want it to have just one, we can impose one constraint on the linkage and it will have a definite motion. The four bar linkage is the simplest and the most useful mechanism.

Reminder: A mechanism is composed of rigid bodies and lower pairs called linkages Hunt In planar mechanisms there are only two kinds of lower pairs : turning pairs and prismatic pairs. Stated more specifically linkages may be used to convert: Continuous rotation into continuous rotation, with a constant or variable angular velocity ratio.

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Continuous rotation into oscillation or reciprocation or the reversewith a constant or variable velocity ratio. Oscillation into oscillation, or reciprocation into reciprocation, with a constant or variable velocity ratio.

Linkages have many different functions, which can be classified according on the primary goal of the mechanism: Function generation : the relative motion between the links connected to the frame, Path generation : the path of a tracer point, or Motion generation : the motion of the coupler link. A variety of useful mechanisms can be formed from a four-link mechanism through slight variations, such as changing the character of the pairs, proportions of links, etc.The passenger car windshield wiper system design is very dependent upon the vehicle styling.

As such, wiper systems are continually being revised or redesigned to accommodate new styling themes and incorporate engineering improvements. The design process is discussed from the initial feasibility phase to the final production release of detailed drawings. Since the application of computers to wiper design has been covered in other articles, the classical approach with little computer usage is emphasized.

The various possible system configurations are reviewed in addition to a general discussion of the wipe pattern design, the linkage design, and the considerations for recessed or concealed wiper parking. Subscribers can view annotate, and download all of SAE's content. Browse Publications Technical Papers Citation: Cunningham, D. Download Citation. Author s : Dale M. Event: Automotive Engineering Congress and Exposition. Related Topics: Wipers and washers Vehicle styling Design processes.

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How to inspect a used car How to check the engine when buying a used car What mileage is OK for a used car? Mechanics use a special wiper arm puller tool that you can purchase or loan in some parts stores. The multimeter shows This means the wiper motor is bad and needs to be replaced. Read More: Why a windshield washer doesn't work - troubleshooting tips How to check a fuse Car maintenance checklist with photos Serpentine belt: problems, signs of wear, when to replace, noises Timing belt: when to replace, what happens if a timing belt breaks, replacement cost Check Engine light: what to check, common problems, repair options Why a car won't start troubleshooting tips Window regulator, window motor: problems, testing, replacement How to wash and wax a car Learn your car: how different car parts and sensors work.

Wiper motor in a car. Wiper transmission mechanism linkage. New wiper linkage assembly transmission. Wiper motor electric diagram. Rain sensor.By Steve Brachmann November 9, In the earliest parts of the 20th Century, an Alabama woman makes a trip to New York City; the cold and stormy weather, and the way it affected her travels, led to the invention of a technology that the vast majority of car owners take for granted today. Without the work of Hall of Fame inventor Mary Andersonwho invented the windshield wiper more than one hundred years ago, driver visibility while it rains or snows would be greatly diminished, leading to great risks in driver and passenger safety.

Every so often, we return to our Evolution of Technology series here at IPWatchdog to chronicle the progression of a technology that truly permeated our daily lives. We all take windshield wipers for granted, even if we may be grateful for them when an intense storm hits suddenly during our commutes. From U. Patent No.

Mary Anderson, born in and hailing from Birmingham, AL, who worked as a real estate developer, cattle rancher and winemaker at different points of her life, was riding on a streetcar during a visit to the Big Apple sometime around the turn of the 20th Century.

It was a wintry day and the freezing rain that fell made windshield visibility absolutely awful for the streetcar operator.

However, it was the first time that Anderson experienced a chilly blast of air when the driver moved a window pane to stick his head outside and view the road conditions.

This was a pretty common practice during a time when the horse and buggy was a much more popular mode of transportation. On other vehicles, drivers would manually clean their windshield after pulling over the side of the road or even attempt to remove debris from the windshield while driving. Almost immediately, Anderson began to conceive a design for a windshield wiper which could be operated by a driver from within a vehicle, which improved visibility while eliminating uncomfortable interactions with the wintry environment.

Over the course of many months, Anderson settled on a working prototype : a set of wiper arms constructed from wood and rubber which could be operated through the use of a lever installed close to the steering wheel. Pulling on the lever would initiate a spring mechanism that dragged the wiper arm across the windshield, clearing away snow, rain and debris. On November 10,the U. Patent and Trademark Office issued U.

She was never able to attract any investment in the technology; one of her major rejections came from a Canadian manufacturer who saw no practical value to the invention. Although windshield wipers were standard equipment on most vehicles byher patent expired before she was able to reap any royalties or licensing fees.

Another female inventor made an important mark on the early development of windshield wipers. The invention is believed to be the first automatic windshield wiper which was electrically powered. Automatic windshield wipers which use blades were first introduced by a pair of brothers from Cleveland, OH: William M. Much of this technology can be seen in U. The blade design was more desirable to consumers than the rollers but the method of using air from the engine manifold would cause the wipers to speed up or slow down with the vehicle.

A more consistent wiping speed was desired. Oishei of Buffalo, NY. InOishei got into an accident with a bicyclist because of his lack of visibility. Although the bicyclist survived, Oishei was inspired to create an improved wiper mechanism. On December 14,Oishei was issued U. The operating arm is spring-pressured to ensure that the wiper maintains a consistent force against the glass. The growth of companies like Trico and Bosch, which introduced a rear-window wiping system inshowed that the practical nature of windshield wiper systems was becoming much more widely accepted.

The next revolutionary innovation in the field of windshield wipers was the intermittent wiper system that was created by Robert Kearns of Detroit, MI. The freak accident is credited with inspiring him to create his own windshield wiper. The motorized wiper technology developed by Kearns would go on to be installed in millions upon millions of vehicles over the years. Kearns did receive multiple patents in the field of windshield wiper technologies, including U.

Kearns showed his technology to the Ford Motor Company but never received compensation and began a series of life-altering nervous breakdowns when he discovered that his technology was being used in most cars being produced during the s. He would eventually file lawsuits seeking licensing fees from several carmakers and received tens of millions in settlementsbut after decades of legal battles that severely impacted his mental health and personal life. Everything from replacing a wiper blade to turning it on are among the simplest tasks for a car owner.The Ford Fusion just got a refresh forbringing the V6 and Sport designation rightfully back to the midsize sedan.

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However, there is one detail that has remained the same on this facelift, as well as the other new European Fords: the windshield wipers. Yes, this has truly been in the back of my mind since the Ford Focus came out. Now that I am on winter break and have plenty of time to waste, I have finally looked into this topic. Though, researching turned out to be a little difficult since I had no idea what the name of the wiper setup was. I had to scrounge through forums and YouTube demos to find out that the new Fords use an opposed wiper system, despite the fact that a simple Wikipedia search could have answered all of my questions.

As I am sure you know, this is not a new design. Just a few examples of the opposed setup can be found in the Honda Civic from toand the Dodge Grand Caravan from to They both have huge windshields. Even the new Fords have pretty big windshields, and this is more important than it seems. So, in some cars, clearing the needed areas of the windshields can only be realistically done with the opposed setup.

Ford uses a new system developed by Bosch. Instead of connecting each wiper to a single motor, as shown above, they use two individual motors for each wiper. They call this Direct Drive because there is no mechanical linkage between wipers and motors; they are directly connected.

Of course, this means that a computer is needed to control them so there are no wiper to wiper collisions. Bosch actually took this opportunity to make their wipers even smarter. The wipers can detect a build up of snow and ice, or maybe mud caked on after an off road rally run in a Focus ST, and make adjustments to work more effectively.

The computer reduces the area the wiper sweeps and stops them before hitting the blockage. The video below explains how the systems works. However, I think the greatest incentive for Ford to use this style of wipers is with pedestrian safety requirements in Europe.

Ford gains way more space under the hood by using two independent motors and ditching the linkage. This space can be used to absorb a pedestrian impact, which is vital for Ford to sell essentially the same car in all markets.

windshield wiper mechanism design

Each car has to pass all of the safety tests in every country, and this is a somewhat cheap solution to one test. A perfect example of this is with the Ford Edge. The Edge soldiered on for 7 years using the usual style of wipers, but the second it left the continent, it switched to opposed wipers.

The same goes for every Ford, except for the Mustang, interestingly. The A. Essential Shit Posting. Shop Subscribe. Michael Woyahn.

windshield wiper mechanism design

Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.The Drive and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links. Read more. However, your wipers play a major role in optimizing visibility during harsh weather to help you avoid collisions with other motorists in traffic.

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You should replace your windshield wipers the moment you notice they are not doing a good job of keeping your windshield clean and clear. Consider going for some of the best replacement windshield wipers highlighted in our review below.

Bosch tops our list for a number of reasons. For starters, they are the longest-lasting windshield wipers since they are made out of FX Dual Rubber, which increases their lifespan by 40 percent. The dual-rubber lining is resistant to corrosion and cracking due to ozone exposure and prevents any screeching noises when the wiper is activated.

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The wipers are available in multiple sizes and have a weather-shield, double-locking connector for easy installation. These wipers feature a dual-tension spring that keeps each blade flexible and exerts uniform pressure on the length of the wiper arm.

The wiper arm uses a bracketless design to keep snow and ice from building up on the windshield. Moreover, the wiper blades are curvy, which may affect contact with the windshield. The blades on the driver and passenger side come in different sizes, which can be confusing when you try to install them.

The wiper uses high-quality Tec3 Rubber that gives the wipers a longer life and prevents streams from forming when wiping rainwater from the windshield. The Valeo Series is a beam-style blade and claims to have the best-in-class aerodynamic design due to its cleverly integrated spoiler that promotes the consistent performance of the wipers.

Valeo wipers have enhanced aero-acoustics that minimize wind noise by about three decibels to give you a quiet ride. There are 1, pressure points on the blade that prevent vibrations when the blades swipe across the windshield. The downside of these wipers lies in their frameless structure. There is no metal or hard plastic that can collect heavy ice and snow. These wipers are designed with advanced blade technology that curves the blade to the contour of the windshield to promote smooth and streak-free wipes.

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The Latitude boasts a synthetically-blended rubber with premium graphite coating that can withstand harsh weather and contribute to the durability of the wiper. The wipers have a water-repellent coating that makes the blades more durable and resistant to rust. The blade has a frameless design, which prevents the build-up of snow on the windshield.

The wiper blades feature a patented universal adaptor for easy installation and can fit about 96 percent of vehicles on the road. The Rain-X Latitude, however, has unsightly connectors.

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The blades are prone to clogging by ice and snow and could leave streaks after long-term use. These wipers are also marginally more expensive than other beam-style wipers. Nevertheless, they are the best wiper blades for rain.

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